26 Morning Affirmations To KICK-START Your Day

Good morning! Start the day with this morning affirmation in mind to carry  with you for the rest. | Morning affirmations, Morning mantra, Affirmations

The hardest thing ever is waking up in the morning especially without having enough sleep the night before or if there’s nothing exciting to look forward to in the morning. You should be always excited and looking forward for the day that lies ahead of you.

Morning either make your day or ruin your day. Bad morning completely ruins your day since it affects the way you feel and think for the entire day:

  1. Your mood ( it gives you mood swings the whole day).

2. Feelings throughout the day (makes you feel drained, exhausted and run


3. Decreases your productivity

Starting your day with negative and bad attitude ruins your entire day and for sure you will surround yourself with negative vipes and in turn it will attract the negative things that you always avoid.

  1. Today is a beautiful day.
  2. I love my life.
  3. Today is a new day.
  4. I start each day with a grateful and thankful heart.
  5. Today I will do things that I love and things that will get me closer to my goals.
  6. I am grateful for everything in my life.
  7. I am successful.
  8. My day with wisdom.
  9. It’s time to start living life as I have imagined.
  10. I will achieve all my dreams and goals or die trying.
  11. I give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of my life.
  12. Every day is my day.
  13. I Start every day with open arms to the universe.
  14. I am positivity reincarnated.
  15. I feel healthy and strong today.
  16. Making smart decisions for myself today is a great gift from the universe.
  17. I am happy and content with my life.
  18. The universe is part of me and we can’t be set apart.
  19. I am so grateful to be alive.
  20. I am feeling my body from my toes to my head and I am very grateful for this body of mine.
  21. I have everything I need to face any obstacles that come my way.
  22. My body allows me to show up as the most powerful version of myself in the world.
  23. I am supported.
  24. I am Loved.
  25. The universe supports me and I am surrounded by true abundance.
  26. I am so excited at all of the possibility and opportunity that awaits me today.

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