Positive Morning Affirmations You Can Use Daily

Morning Affirmations to start your day right

Positive affirmations are a longstanding practice for those of us who need a little extra daily encouragement, and the best part is—they’re free and they’re flexible! You can write them on sticky notes to set on your mirror, on the notes app in your phone for on-the-go encouragement, or you can simply memorize your favorites and recite them in times of uncertainty.

 “I alone hold the truth of who I am.”

I am proof enough of who I am and what I deserve

Asking for help is a sign of self-respect and self-awareness

Changing my mind is a strength, not a weakness

 Every decision I make is supported by my whole and inarguable experience

I affirm and encourage others, as I do myself

 I alone hold the truth of who I am

 I am allowed to ask for what I want and what I need

 I am allowed to feel good

 I am capable of balancing ease and effort in my life

I am complete as I am, others simply support me

 I am content and free from pain

 I am doing the work that works for me

 I am good and getting better

 I am growing and I am going at my own pace

I am held and supported by those who love me

 I am in charge of how I feel and I choose to feel happy

 I am listening and open to the messages the universe has to offer today

 I am loved and worthy

 I am more than what my circumstances dictate

I am open to healing

 I am optimistic because today is a new day

I am peaceful and whole

 I am proof enough of who I am and what I deserve

I am responsible for myself, and I start there

I am safe and surrounded by love and support

I am still learning so it’s okay to make mistakes.

 I am understood and my perspective is important

 I am valued and helpful

 I am well-rested and excited for the day

 I am worthy of investing in myself

 I belong here, and I deserve to take up space

 I am growing and I am going at my own pace

It’s a good morning

Today is gonna be a great day

Today will be a wonderful and fulfilling day

I greet today with confidence and love

I am healthy happy and secure

I have everything I need to succeed

I am calm and focused

I am beautiful, strong and powerful

I am grateful for today

I appreciate all that I have

I greet today with positive expectations

Today I will look for things to appreciate and I will find them

I will listen to my inner guidance today.

I am inspiring those around me

Today wonderful things will unfold before me

I am taking time to breathe today

I am confident in my abilities

I believe in myself

I greet the Morning Sun knowing that wonderful opportunities lie ahead of me

Today will be a beautiful day

I am whole and complete

I believe in my abilities

I feel positive in every cell of my being

Today good things will come easily and freely to me

Today will be a perfect day for me

I am expecting things to go well for me

I am becoming better each day

Today I will feel a deep love and appreciation for myself

I am filling up with positive vibrations

My mind is now full of positive thoughts

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