What is Affirmation?

What is affirmation and how does it work?

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We will talk about affirmation and how does it work? and we will be also sharing some examples of affirmations, so it’s easier to understand what they are and what role do they play in our daily life.

Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self empowerment. Fostering a belief that is a positive mental attitude. Positive affirmations is thinking about something positive all the time and transform these thoughts into sentences where you can repeat them all the time until they become your reality.

Affirmations will help you achieving success. You can use positive affirmations to improve all aspects of your life, it can be a relationship, health, fitness or finances. More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to oneself and written down frequently, these practices will ensure that these affirmations are always in front of your mind when you’re making decisions.

For affirmations to be effective it is said that they need to be in the present tense

We are what we repeatedly do. We are also what we repeatedly think. If you think about something 200 times a day, you come to believe it to be true. If you think you are poor, unhealthy, socially unskilled or out of shape and repeatedly tell yourself this, then you come to strongly believe in them, irrespective of whether they are true or not.

Affirmations are like a double-Edged sword, depending on how you use them. They can be either encouraging you or either holding you back and causing self-doubt.

Positive affirmations examples:

  • I know, accept and am true to myself.
  • I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.
  • I work hard and I will start my own business.
  • I have a beautiful skin and pretty eyes.
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These positive affirmations will boost your confidence and help you to achieve your goals.

And here are some negative affirmations examples:

  • I don’t do enough.
  • I hate my job.
  • I hate my body.

Negative affirmations can cause you self doubt so be sure that you don’t let bad affirmations in your mind. This negativity seems to have been exaggerated by the culture of comparison which has been fueled by social media. Repeat good affirmations as often as possible to integrate affirmations in your life, i have made them a part of my morning or evening routine, to help me achieve my goals and make my life beautiful and positive more than ever. I hope that you enjoyed and got some value from my simple post and I was able to give you quick overview about what affirmations are and what role they play in our life.

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